About Little Lunches

My name is Lisa. I am mummy to Harris and Meadow and a professionally trained chef with a passion for helping children to engage really positively with food from their earliest interactions with it. The journey with my own two children has shown me first hand that the littlest things can have the biggest impact, good and bad, when it comes to those early food experiences.

I founded Little Lunches because I believe there is a really big opportunity to improve the quality and range of food being offered to children in the Nursery setting.  We provide healthy meals created specifically for early years children with nutrition and fun at heart.

We also believe that Nursery staff are at their best when providing support and education to our little ones.  Our service allows Nursery staff to do exactly that by vastly simplifying the lunch service which allows the wonderful staff do what they are best at, looking after our children.

At Little Lunches we are passionate about creating meals that:

  • Meet the nutritional requirements for Nursery aged children
  • Are yummy, colourful and fun
  • Contain lots of healthy vegetables
  • Combine various approaches to introducing a broad range of foods
  • Encourage mealtimes in Nurseries to be a social, learning and developmental experience for our children
  • Compliment the operating rhythm of a busy and thriving Nursery who are as passionate as we are about ensuring our children have brilliant nursery meals

Alongside the Little Lunches Nursery Kitchen, I am currently working on a really exciting new project called “playroom”  which as you may guess from the name is a new play café.

One of the things that we miss out on a little in the Little Lunches kitchen is getting to see the children enjoying our meals as they do this within the Nursery setting. I want to create a space for children, parents and nurseries to enjoy creative and imaginative play that showcases the Little Lunches food ethos and serves great coffee for the adults too!

When Chris and I were searching for our new Little Lunches kitchen, we stumbled upon a space where we think we can do that really well. We plan to open the doors during February. We’ll keep you posted with our progress!


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