Delicious, freshly cooked, nutritionally
balanced meals for children's nurseries





Our Food

Our Food

Welcome to Little Lunches

Little Lunches prepares and deliver freshly cooked, delicious meals that provide children with all the nutrients that they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.

Our service takes the stress and effort out of Nursery mealtimes. It is convenient, great value for money and meets all the current nutritional guidelines for pre-school children.

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The Little Lunches Promise

Our kids eat real food, cooked lovingly from scratch on the day of delivery. Our menus are developed in partnership with the EYNP to ensure they meet recommended nutrient targets for pre-school children. We always look for ways to make our food fun to encourage children to engage with their healthy meals.

What Our Nurseries Say...

“Our children really enjoy the food and our parents and staff are delighted so it’s a win win situation all round”

“When the children are eating their Little Lunches, our staff are now readily available to sit at the tables and discuss foods whereas previously they were devoting significant time to searching for each child’s next course on the trolley”

“Several of our parents have commented that their child ‘doesn’t normally eat that at home’!”

“Using Little Lunches for our meals has given our Nursery significant benefits in addition to healthy eating for our children because staff no longer have to unpack, store and reheat lots of individual lunches. They are now available to welcome children into nursery and and focus on the child first thing in the morning and through a quicker and more enjoyable lunchtime.”

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