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Eating together as a family is a great opportunity to role model positive eating behaviours and to show your kids that new foods can be really yummy. When kids get involved in the kitchen, they are often more open to trying new foods and flavours. This is the ethos behind Dinner by Little Lunches.

We have combined both of these concepts into an easy and convenient meal box. Our boxes contain everything you need to prepare three healthy and delicious family meals. Here at Little Lunches HQ, we prepare and deliver over 500 meals to children at Nursery settings across Edinburgh and the Lothians each day. We know how to make meals that children love. We have taken this a step further and created meals the whole family can enjoy together.

Most children love cooking and tasks like squeezing lemon juice or grating carrots are well within their capabilities. It's amazing how being involved in the planning and preparation of a meal can stimulate a child's appetite. You will therefore find some suggestions on our recipe cards for engaging the kids in the preparation of our delicious meals.

To get your Dinner by Little Lunches, click here. Enjoy!

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